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FiNSTA – The Number 1 Credit Cooperative Society Software

Co-Operative society software

A flagship product of Kapil IT Solutions, FiNSTA is a highly flexible and customizable credit cooperative society software. Designed to help credit cooperative societies (or mutually aided credit cooperative societies) optimize their operations, FiNSTA can be customized to meet all of their operational requirements.


A Credit Cooperative Software for Multiple Purposes

FiNSTA is a credit cooperative software suite that your mutually aided credit cooperative society could deploy for multiple purposes. This specialized software suite allows you to:

  • Efficiently store and manage the profiles and shareholdings of all your members
  • Extend easy loan products to your members
  • Perform online e-KYC of your members
  • Mitigate NPA risks by assessing your borrowing members’ credit scores online with real-time data
  • Quicken the turnaround times by automating the lending process, eliminating paper-intensive works, and streamlining the operational costs

FiNSTA’s excellent loan management system empowers you to accomplish the following:

  • Track the loan repayment schedules of your members seamlessly through mobile or web-based platforms
  • Send reminders to your members on loan repayment schedules or any other updates through an integrated email and SMS alerts system
  • Equip field staff with world-class FiNSTA-powered mobile apps and facilitate efficient dues collection efforts

    A World-Class Credit Cooperative Society Management Software that Allows you to Do More:

    As a top-class credit cooperative society management software, FiNSTA allows you to do much more:

    • Offer savings vehicles such as FDs, RDs, daily deposits, and monthly income schemes to your members
    • Enable your members to access the statements related to their deposit instruments and loan accounts online
    • Generate MIS reports that will help your credit cooperative society to achieve optimal performance in all its business operations
    • Provide enhanced support to your members with our integrated chatbot feature

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