Microfinance Software

Microfinance Software

Microfinance institutions have emerged as a bankable source of credit for the unserved and the underserved. Kapil IT’s microfinance software FiNSTA is a splendid solution that helps you automate and speed up your micro-credit lending business.

FiNSTA is developed by top industry experts incorporating the latest technology platforms and serves as a comprehensive software suite for microfinance companies.

The software is highly flexible and customizable, which helps the microfinance institutions operate with scalability.


Microfinance Management Software that Offers Top Performance

As a microfinance management software, FiNSTA always offers top performance. It enables microfinance institutions to compete with well-established commercial banks and financial institutions in catering to the microfinance needs of both groups and individuals.

Being the best among microfinance software solutions, FiNSTA is built meticulously to serve the business interests of microfinance institutions of varying scales. Thanks to its advanced loan origination system, FiNSTA captures all client details (including borrowing history) to precision and streamlines the lending process.

A Microfinance System Software that Ensures Value for Money

As a vibrant microfinance system software, FiNSTA ensures maximum value for money for microfinance institutions through the following deliverables:

Dynamic Loan Origination Mechanism:

  • Allows quick and smooth customer onboarding
  • Digitized loan application
  • Speedy yet robust risk assessment of borrower-profiles
  • Enables quick turnaround times
  • The software’s flexible loan origination system also seamlessly allows the approval of loans at multiple hierarchical levels

Transparent Loan Management System:

  • Allows customization of all small loans
  • Allows you to keep up with the loan repayment schedules of customers
  • FiNSTA also allows the disbursal of loans in single or multiple stages

Robust Collection Management:

  • Allows equipping field-level staff with smart web and mobile-based apps for ease of collection management
  • Enables fair evaluation of field staff performance in terms of collections
  • Facilitates automated communication of timely alerts on repayment dues to customers
  • Allows you to operate with varying, custom action plans on collections
  • Generates accurate EMI charts and dues reports

Brilliant Accounting Management:

  • Comes with Integrated Financial Accounting Feature
  • Allows both automated and manual accounting
  • Generates accounting reports to precision

Apart from the above, this microfinance loan management software also boasts powerful analytics, allows the generation of insightful MIS reports, and comes with easy-to-use dashboards. What’s more, you could also use our integrated chatbot for exceptional experiences with customer service!

Benefits of Deploying FiNSTA

Being the top microfinance application software, deploying FiNSTA gives you the following benefits:

  • The application is highly cost-efficient and helps keep your operational costs minimal
  • Comes with a highly interactive user interface, thus promoting ease of use
  • Comes with a robust reporting mechanism that encourages accuracy of reports
  • Built to enable impeccable data security
  • Real quick processing timelines

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