Loan portfolio in Finsta

Designed for diverse loan products

Offer new loan products quickly

Having a diversified loan products portfolio with the ability to configure offerings that belong to different asset classes will help banks and financial institutions to survive unforeseen economic events

Personal Loan Management System

Start providing personal loan products with extreme customisation

Vehicle Loan Software

Offer any auto or vehicle loans with an easy process

Education Loan Origination Software

Provide education loans at faster turnaround time with a simplified process

Mortgage Loan Management

Offer secured loans by keeping immovable asset as a mortgage with the lender

Consumer Lending Software

Offer customers to buy household goods and appliances and even personal devices with quick disbursal consumer loans

Gold Loan Management

Offer instant secured gold loans against gold jewellery

MSME / SME / Business Loan Solutions

Offer business loans for the advancement and other activities to MSMEs or Micro, Small and Medium enterprises

Term Loan Solutions

Provide term loan to be repaid in regular payments over a set a period of time

Crop Loan System

Provide harvest loans to the farming community

Home Loan Origination System

Offer secure home loans to consumers with various features and interest rate

Join liability group (JLG loans)

provide institutional loans to small farmers or informal group comprising of 4-10 individuals

Production Loan Management

Provide a short-term business loan for crop and livestock production purposes in a specific production season

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