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Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) are the backbone of the Indian financial services. They are great enablers of financial inclusion as they support the growth aspirations of industries and people even in the remote corners of the country. FiNSTA, a flagship product of Kapil IT, is a cutting-edge NBFC software that helps NBFCs to minimize their operational risks and achieve optimal efficiency.


FiNSTA – The Top NBFC Software that Drives Phenomenal Growth in your Lending Business

As a highly advanced, comprehensive NBFC software suite that streamlines loan processing and the management of loan lifecycles, FiNSTA’s loan and scheme configurators allow you to configure customized-loan products based on customer profiles. The software suite also helps you speed up the lending process.

Our NBFC loan management software helps NBFCs to eliminate paper-intensive work and automates their workflow. FiNSTA empowers NBFCs to screen and process loan applications on mobile as well as web-based platforms for a seamless operational experience.

With business targets and deadlines being the prime considerations for NBFCs, you can bet on FiNSTA as the best NBFC software to drive exceptional business growth for your NBFC.

The Finest NBFC Loan Management Software that Delivers Value for Money

Being a highly agile and dynamic product, FiNSTA is the finest NBFC loan management software that gives you supreme control over your business. Enjoy great value for money through the following features:

  • Integrated Financial Accounting
  • Generation of Custom MIS Reports
  • Real-time access to borrowers’ credit history
  • Paperless Processing
  • Automated Management of Loans
  • Agile for dynamic workflows

Get the Most Out of FiNSTA – the Best Software for NBFC Organizations

FiNSTA is hands-down the best software for NBFC organizations. Its innovative loan origination system allows you to implement enriching solutions such as:

  • Speedy customer onboarding
  • Tele-verification and field verification of loan applicants through mobile, web, and cloud-based platforms
  • Performing online e-KYC for borrowers
  • Efficiently approving loans at multiple hierarchical levels
  • Enabling quick turn-around times

The software’s efficient loan management system allows you to:

  • Disburse loan amounts in any number of stages
  • Quickly and easily generate intuitive and easy-to-understand EMI Charts and Dues Reports
  • Streamline collection management for field-level staff with smart web and mobile applications
  • Efficiently manage pre-closures, part payments, and loan extensions
  • Streamline the management of collaterals
  • Enable borrowers to securely repay their debts online
  • Send automated reminders and communications to customers via SMSes and Emails

Benefits of Deploying FiNSTA

As the premier non banking financial software, FiNSTA offers you a host of unmatched benefits:

  • Seamless and effective management of leads
  • Faster timelines for processing
  • Excellent risk mitigation through informed decision-making with the help of smart analytics
  • Extend loans on basis of exclusive festive or special schemes to retain your loyal customers

As a leading NBFC Software Company, we add more power in your hands so you could achieve more. Deploy our versatile NBFC software and enrich your customers’ experiences through more offerings:

  • Offer flexible deposit schemes to your customers
  • Empower your customers to access their deposit instruments and statements online.
  • Extend profitable monthly income schemes (MIS) to your customers
  • Generate reliable Management Information System (MIS) reports
  • Deliver superior customer service with our integrated chatbot!

Why Choose FiNSTA?

  • Enables excellent customer relationship management
  • Provides foolproof accounting and auditing
  • Offers simplified MIS/Dashboards
  • User-friendly features for all users
  • Driven by data security and transparency that is a cut above the rest

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