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If you are looking to invest in a Nidhi company software, look no further than FiNSTA – the top-notch fintech software by Kapil IT Solutions with an outstanding loan origination and loan management system.

FiNSTA exhaustively supports your Nidhi business operations across diverse locations and platforms. With FiNSTA, you will have a highly customized Nidhi software that is extremely secure and efficient. It speeds up your operations and reduces the processing times through world-class automation.

As a dedicated Nidhi software suite, FiNSTA is precision-driven. It encourages risk mitigation through accessibility to accurate, real-time data on borrowers’ CIBIL scores and their borrowing history.


The Specialist Nidhi Software for All your Nidhi Business Needs

FiNSTA is the Nidhi Software you Can Always Bank on to Beat the Competition

Being an ace Nidhi software product, FiNSTA empowers you with a very broad range of functionalities. With FiNSTA, you can:

  • Maintain all member portfolios on a single platform
  • Quickly onboard new members
  • Efficiently manage the data of all your shareholders
  • Speed up loan processing for your members
  • Perform speedy field level and tele-verification of loan applicants
  • Quickly dispose of loan approvals at multiple hierarchical levels
  • Disburse loans at once or in stages
  • Mitigate NPA risks through access to real-time data of borrowers’ CIBIL Scores and borrowing history
  • Implement effective collection management of dues with sophisticated web and mobile-based apps for field level staff
  • Effectively manage collaterals in one place
  • Generate reliable data through high-performance Management Information System (MIS)

A Vibrant Nidhi Software Company that Truly Understands your Nidhi Business Needs

As a renowned Nidhi software company Kapil IT fully understands the broad-ranging business needs of Nidhi companies. Therefore, apart from just loan management, its world-class software FiNSTA allows you to do much more. Thus, you could harness the power of FiNSTA also to:

  • Offer a savings account with an online banking facility to your members
  • Offer flexible deposit schemes
  • Allow members to get insurance for their deposit instruments
  • Configure Daily Deposits/Pigmy Accounts
  • Devise profitable monthly income schemes for members

The Benefits of Deploying the Best Nidhi Company Software are Many

By deploying the industry’s best Nidhi company software, you stand to extract a multitude of benefits:

  • Stay in control with highly insightful EMI charts and dues reports
  • Managing pre-closures, part payments, and loan extensions becomes easy
  • Enable online repayments of loan EMIs for members
  • Automate the communication of alerts on dues repayment schedules and other information via integrated SMS and email alert system
  • Perform online e-KYC for members
  • Do away with paperwork for loan processing and significantly cut down on the processing timelines
  • Lend wisely with the help of FiNSTA’s accurate analytics and stay profitable
  • Use our integrated chatbot facility to deliver the best customer service

The Following Features are the Hallmark of Our Nidhi Software

  • Robustness, Accuracy, and Efficiency
  • Excellent Audit Controls
  • Cost Effective
  • Efficiently manage pre-closures, part payments, and loan extensions
  • Customer-centric
  • Secure and Transparent
  • Built for user-friendly experience

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